Writing With Tarot

Two time options available for live workshops – click for a personalized timezone conversion:

Option 1 – Friday

Option 2 – Saturday AM

Available as a stand-alone offering or a live video, group workshop with Chantal

“Chantal, your work is amazing, to say the least. Anyone who joins your workshop will definitely not regret it. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience that anyone can benefit from.”

Janeen G.

Tarot boosts creativity

As a teacher and trainer of teachers, I’ve filled my professional life with the joy of learning. In my 15 years as a public school teacher, I’ve always sneaked in plenty of creative writing for my students. My after school Creative Writing Club is also especially popular!

You’ve Got Options

Written materials are $37 each. They will arrive to your inbox as a downloadable, full color PDF with tips and tricks on spread usage.

When you choose to add the live workshop, you receive all the written materials plus a live, 1-hour group video session with Q&A for a total of $57. All prices are in USD.

World Building Workshop

You will leave with 5+ spreads (I can’t help it – I keep adding!) to support you with establishing the physical traits of your world, the survival variability, and creature creation.

Additional subjects planned for October!

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