My readings are 100% FOR YOU – no impersonal, pre-generated readings from me. You will always have my undivided attention when I consult the cards.

See what my clients have to say!

Anna L.
Private Reading

Thank you so much Chantal for your wonderful reading. I’m thrilled with it. I particularly liked:

  • You used the Celtic Cross spread. I tend to find this spread fussy, but you explained each card clearly and I felt the results were clear. So much so I’m going to revisit using it myself.
  • The way you take photos of each individual card and explain each one individually gives clear guidance.
  • Your style is conversational and a bit quirky and your genuine interest in tarot and other people comes across.
  • The cards and insights were accurate: I’m in a good financial position at the moment to proceed; things are a bit slow during start up; but I’m bursting with creative energy and now feels like the right time.

And one month later…
“Your reading definitely resonates more and more.

Roma B.
Group Event

I have had the pleasure having two personal readings done by Chantal! I also have had the extreme pleasure of working side by side with her at my private events.

She is absolutely wonderful! If you have never had a reading or have experience with readings, Chantal will give you a reading like no other. She is very intuitive, knowledgeable, professional and funny (when appropriate) with relaying the message to you.

She allows her clients to discuss with her how they may relate or feel about the messages, which I have never experienced before. Another thing I love about her is that she does a wonderful job explaining how getting an upside-down card that could be portrayed as negative are not scary or negative at all to receive.

When watching her give readings to my clients I couldn’t help notice how much my friends and clients enjoyed receiving a true genuine and message. We’re talking major goose bumps y’all!! All of my friends and customers absolutely adored Chantal’s playful yet professional energy when interacting with her.

I highly recommend her for your next reading or group event! If you are curious or on the the fence about getting a reading by her, don’t be, just finish reading this review and give her a call! Trust me you won’t regret it!!

Amanda B.
Private Reading

“It’s amazing how much my reading resonated and made me smile. Every card flowed perfectly together and allowed me to really focus on overcoming blocks, distractions, and how to move forward with a new, clear direction. I appreciate the time that Chantal took to give me a detailed, fluid reading while presenting a great interpretation of the cards, themes, and guidance that really hit the nail on the head in so many ways. I love the deck she used as well!”

Tessa T.
Private Reading

“Chantal, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the reading – it completely resonated. I know you put in a lot of effort and time. Loved the presentation of the reading; it was clear and straight to the point, and the images of the deck are absolutely beautiful. I loved the words you used – very easy to understand. And thank you for the help rewording my question!”

Brandon H.
Private Reading

“I asked what forces are at play in my life, and Chantal answered completely. She picked up on my current circumstance and gave me some thoughtful advice! The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me, and provided a lot of value! I would definitely recommend her to others!”