Private Readings

What to Expect

After you book, we will work together to make certain that your question(s) are phrased to make the most of your reading. This is best done by phone or video call.

The reading itself will be performed offline with care and respect. Your reading will be sent to you, complete with photographs and detailed explanations, as a link to a PDF for you to download and keep. l also offer an option for a live follow-up to examine the reading together.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your questions, whether you’re ready to book a reading or not. My highest calling is to serve, and I’m here to support you. And remember – I have heard it all. Be honest with yourself and ask the questions you really need answered!

“It’s amazing how much my reading resonated and made me smile. Every card flowed perfectly together and allowed me to really focus on overcoming blocks, distractions, and how to move forward with a new, clear direction. I appreciate the time that Chantal took to give me a detailed, fluid reading while presenting a great interpretation of the cards, themes, and guidance that really hit the nail on the head in so many ways. I love the deck she used as well!”

– Amanda B.

Read about my Tarot Philosophy

Decisions and Crossroads

Tarot is perhaps most famous for getting us pointed in the right direction. When you aren’t sure which way to turn, gain clarity through the cards.

Relationship Reviews

Tarot is a wonderful way to examine your relationships! Looking for your soulmate? Want to improve your current relationship? Reclaiming yourself after a breakup or divorce? Let’s work together to find your path.

Your Life’s Work

What’s going on with your higher calling? Are you aimed toward your spiritual self? Wondering how to live in alignment with your true calling? Let’s examine your family life, relationships, work, leadership, spirituality, or wherever the cards lead us!

Careers and Coaching

Discovering your passionate purpose and aligning your plans to mindfully meet your goals is one of my specialties. Short term changes or long term dreams, Tarot can help you make it happen.