Delivering Readings With Authority

Available as a stand-alone workshop or a live session with Chantal

“Chantal, your work is amazing, to say the least. Anyone who joins your workshop will definitely not regret it. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience that anyone can benefit from.”

Janeen G.

YOU are the expert!

This workshop will show you how to get your point across and exude confidence. When you speak from authority, you receive fewer follow-up questions and client misunderstandings. We will work with plenty of examples together, improving them without losing your personality. Have your own readings to workshop as well!

You will leave with a reference sheet and a solid set of skills to use for all your future readings.

I normally charge $125+ an hour for tutoring, but this workshop I’m offering for $57. Want to work one-on-one? Contact me for details!

DM me on Instagram or contact me here so we can get started.