Plans for October 21, 2020 (and October 14th wrap-up)

On October 21, be sure you’ve drawn your card for the day! We will then pull a second card and discuss how this second card influences each of our CotD. We will also be working with reversals and aaaaaaall the different ways you can interpret reversals. An exercise included will be to then reverse theContinue reading “Plans for October 21, 2020 (and October 14th wrap-up)”

Plan for September 16, 2020

Here’s the plan: To support conversation, we discussed each group marking places in the text. I suggest marking where you have questions (?), a strong feeling of agreement or disagreement (!), and underline pieces you’d like to share. Beginners will be working Chapter 4. Intermediates will work Chapter 14 pages 283-299 (it’s the beginning untilContinue reading “Plan for September 16, 2020”