Plans for October 21, 2020 (and October 14th wrap-up)

On October 21, be sure you’ve drawn your card for the day! We will then pull a second card and discuss how this second card influences each of our CotD.

We will also be working with reversals and aaaaaaall the different ways you can interpret reversals. An exercise included will be to then reverse the new card, and add additional upright/reversed cards to expand meanings.

In the Holistic Tarot, Benebell Wen has a short section on Card Reversals in Chapter 15. Biddy Tarot also has a module on reversals I would recommend.

Here’s the photograph of all the cards I used tonight (October 14th). From left to right, top to bottom, we have:

  • The Chakra Insight oracle
  • The Thelema Lenormand
  • The Kaleidoscope Swatches of Chakra deck
  • The Halloween Oracle
  • This Might Hurt Tarot deck
  • Arcane Bullshit oracle
  • The Faceted Garden Oracle
    • May be difficult to get but you could try the sister deck:
  • The Illuminated Earth Oracle
    • This one has more cards and a better price, actually.