Plan for September 30, 2020

Here’s what we’re up to for this week!

Beginners are reading Chapter 3 – Allaying Fears and Offering Theories

Intermediates didn’t get to this last week… so if we do, we will be working with several spreads in Chapter 14 starting on page 299. This chapter is MASSIVE, so I’ve selected the following spreads to choose from. Select one to study, and be prepared to read for a friend at group! Don’t worry – we only bite if you like that sort of thing. 😜

Here are your options. Use signifiers if you want to, and don’t if you don’t!

  • 3 + 4 Card Spread
    • The diagram is page 304, but the descriptions of the 3-card and the 4-card spreads to be combined are on the previous pages.
    • Skip the First Operation stuff if you feel so moved.
  • Essential Keys Spread
    • Begins on page 309. I selected this one because Benebell suggests it for when the client doesn’t have a specific question. She believes it can be done in 5-10 minutes as well. (COUGH, ireallydoubticoulddothatbutokayi’lltryanythingtwice)
  • Fixed-Term Analysis Spread
    • Found on page 311. Suggested for when people want to know what will happen in the next month, 3 months, etc.
  • Dyadic Cross
    • Page 314. If you’re unfamiliar with the Celtic/Ancient Cross, I suggest working with this one just a little. I use this for short or non-specific readings.
  • Horseshoe or V-Formation Spread
    • Page 322. This is considered a traditional spread second only the Celtic/Ancient Cross.

I purposely skipped the Six Controversies Spread because I agree with her that it will be better to read it once we’ve discussed landscapes.

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